I’ve been on holidays!

We’ve been on holiday to Scotland … up near Inverness and there was snow!!!


So before we went me, Mum and Dad have been trying on hats, gloves and scarves all day. But I don’t like hats.


I have noticed Mum packed some Bonios (dog biscuits!) to keep me going on the 8 hour journey.

Dad made a sterling job of mending the cool box handle with gaffa tape and chopsticks so we were all set to take some RMBs with us.


We stayed in a log cabin up in Scotland, with woods just round the corner. Mum took about 300 photos but won’t have time to sort them until next week. She’s promised to make a holiday post. Until then…

Bye for now.

Finni paw

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5 Responses to I’ve been on holidays!

  1. jdhilmar says:

    Hello Finni.

    We look forward to hearing all about your holiday in Scotland and seeing all your photos.

    Molly and Taffy

  2. leuradales says:

    Hiya Finni
    Gosh we had some trouble getting here to post a comment. We finally got a new password cause the old one wouldn’t let us in.
    Our pinkies went to Inverness when they visited the UK last year…you know when they stuck us in Kelston Country Kennels for 4 weeks…sigh…anyhoo they just loved it. They went to Skye, did you?


  3. Finni says:

    Sorry about the password issue, Noah. We tried to look at my blog yesterday and it wasn’t there!!! Our hosting provider has been changing things around a bit of late but hopefully all is well now.
    We stayed on the east coast this time around – Skye is on the west coast – but my mum and dad have been in that area ‘whale watching’. It’s really beautiful there too. Hopefully mum will sort the photos soon.


  4. A whole coolbox just for your food, and Bonios too – you be a lucky boy Finni!

    Cassidy x

  5. The Thuglets says:

    Finni how great staying a log cabin. We can’t wait to read you holiday post and see the 300 photos!

    Is you dad teaching you diy? He dune a great jobbie on the cool box handle!

    Hows the puppies doing?

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thuglets

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