Food glorious food!

Some of the things on my menu:


Oxtail – mmmmh, pricey but very nice – an occasional treat. Note: I eat on my ‘tablecloth’. After the meal it goes in the wash.

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I love fruit, especially pears.


Lambshoulder – nice and crunchy!


This is a wild rabbit defrosting for me. Wild rabbit is cheap food and it’s ‘free range’. We get them from Farm shops or our neighbour who goes shooting.


One rabbit makes 5 portions/meals.


Just checking what’s ‘cooking’. As you can see I like it a lot.


It takes less than a minute to crunch and eat. Yumm!

This is my Barf mix with chopped up veggies.


The mince on the left can be beef, lamb or pork. The thing on the right is usually a little lambs heart (lecker!!!), the veggies tend to be watercress, spinach and rocket salad, carrot or sweet potatoe, and broccoli , … and anything else that mum can find in the fridge – all whizzed up really small in the noisy chopper thingy. She adds NR Garlic plus powder to it and also kelp because they have lots of minerals and other good things in them.


A foot of oxtail! The postman thought it was a toy until it started to disappear amidst loud crunching noises!

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