Airedale in North Yorkshire

Camping and sight-seeing in North Yorkshire

Finni Sight-seeing

Are you getting ready? I’m bringing this!

Finni in chair

Now that we have arrived let’s go for a walk!

Walking in the forest

Finni loves to watch everybody on the campsite. What are they doing?

Finni watching

We met lots of other people and dogs! Who are you?

Who are you

There were lots of things to sniff out and chase in the woods.


On the campsite I helped with many things, here I’m assisting with the awning.


We had a day at the seaside beachcombing – yeah!


We spotted this on the way home from the seaside.

Rapeseed field

A day in the Dales!!! Ha ha!

rosedale abbey

The historic Kilburn White Horse. Sadly you can’t see it’s head unless you fly over it. Luckily there is a gliding club at the top of it. Noticed the back of the new ‘Finnimobil’ ?

kilburn white horse

My impression of the historic Kilburn Horse.


Beautiful views near Rosedale Abbey.

beautiful Yorkshire

The new Finnimobil – a Pathfinder, so we don’t get lost!


This is me at the end of a very busy day.


Well, it’s back home tomorrow. Good Night!



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