Package from America!

Thank you all for my Birthday Wishes. The cake was delicious, it had lots of cream on it…


… and I got some presents too – frisbees, one soft one with a squeaker for indoors and a hard rubber one for outdoors.


The soft one is a lot of fun. You can make it into purple duck lips and squeak it at the same time.

And on Tuesday Dave our postie brought me another present!!! It smelled so good!!! It was from Bogart!!!


The Beagleboys didn’t get mine either, woohoo!


Mine was Chicken Jerky. Yummmmmmmmm!!! That was soooo good.


I insisted on licking out the little bag it came in. Now I know why Bogart always looks so happy!!! Thank you Bogart for sharing your Happiness with me.


I’m giving these treats my 5 star approval and hope Bogart’s mum and dad will go into production.


We also got some news yesterday … I’m going to be … a dad.

At the end of December Keith from Shadlian Airedales (I’m a Shadlian boy and that is where I go to get groomed!) phoned my mum and asked if they could bring one of their girls round to see me.

Well, to cut a long story of three meetings with a lovely bouncy Airedale girl named Tula short, there is going to be a litter of puppies at the beginning of March and one of my girls is coming to live with me! That’s why mum has been looking at puppy pictures and pink dog baskets! She’s very excited.

I suppose I could teach her how to do ‘binspections’ …..

Bye for now.

Finni paw

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12 Responses to Package from America!

  1. The Thuglets says:

    Whooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo Fini that is such exciting news!

    We can’t wait to hear all about your daughter and see lots of piccies. You will have such fun together!

    Great cake and pressies.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  2. jdhilmar says:

    What brilliant news Finni. We look forward to welcoming your daughter on one of our walks when she is big enough.

    We are sure you will teach her all the important things Airedales need to know, especially “bin inspection”.

    Molly and Taffy

  3. maggie says:

    OMG, this is awesome news, Finni! We are so excited for you!
    Bogie’s treat are the bomb! We love your very creative stamp of approval!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Cassidy has that fluffy frisbee like yours. She does the purple lips thing too!

    So, you’re going to be a dad! How exciting. Can’t wait to see your offspring, and we know how you and Elke have wanted a little girl Dale for so long. Let the beard biting commence!

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  5. Kimi Wagner says:

    Happy Birthday Finni. Aren’t those treats from Bogart great? I got some too and I loved it. I even posed with the treats and took some photos cos I liked them so much. Happy to hear you’re going to be a Daddy. I can’t wait to see the photos of your baby girl when she comes. I wish I had a baby sister or brother myself, and I’ve been praying for one myself.


  6. Dakota says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Finni! We wish you & your family great life!
    We’re the newest member(s) of your blog. We’re reading your all entries. You are such a great & lucky boy. Come visit us sometime.
    Happy Friday

    Dakota & Müge

  7. leuradales says:

    Crikey Finni that is brilliant news about becoming a dad. Bet your all beside yourselves with excitement. It’s just wonderful news. We’re really happy for you all.
    Glad you enjoyed Bogies treats. I have a sneaking suspicion the beagles at Sydney airport are enjoying some chicken jerky!

    Hugs and tail wags
    The girls say g’day and congrats.

  8. says:

    WOOT!! Finni…we’ve been tryin’ to post in here for a while….wouldn’t let us sign in…we’re friends with Maggie and Mitch, Gooberstan etc….we’re three terriers…from PA….a WFT, a Lakeland and a Dale….crazy house!

    So ur gonna be a dad???!!! And have ur daughter come and live with you….that is the best news we’ve heard all day…probably all year! Hope she comes soon and ya post tons of pics!!!!!

    Scruffy, Lacie and Babystan

  9. caz and Ludo says:

    Great news and your little girl is coming to live with you to. I bet your mum is looking forward to the new addition. You will be able to teach her everything and play . Lucky you. Looking forward to seeing photo’s and stories of your new babies.

    Ludo the cool dude

  10. Stanley says:

    Hey, Finni Boy!

    I am STINKIN’ EXCITED for you, buddy! I had NO IDEA you were such a stud, and I can’t wait to see your pups… espcially your daughter who is coming to live with you.

    Have you and Tula started picking out names yet? Make sure you name one of them goober, okay? Ask Tula. I bet she’ll like the suggestion.

    LOoks like you got some cool treats and presents for your big day. I absolutely LOVE Bogart’s treats. They are FAB!

    Keep us posted on the puppy front. Can’t wait!

    Goober love & congratulatory smooches,

  11. mollyandgert says:

    You will be a great dad! How exciting Finni!! So you just have to sit back and wait for the little ones to arrive – it’s easy for the dad isn’t it?!

    We just know that your little girl will be so pretty because you are so handsome.

    We can’t wait…..

    (hang on – our mummy’s also having a baby but that isn’t due until October – how come yours are coming so quickly???)

    Love Molly and Gert

  12. maggie says:

    Hi Finni!
    Just stopping by to say hi!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

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