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First Walk, Airedale Art and an Award

Hi everybody!
Nelly is coming on some of my afternoon walks now! We have had a little problem with carsickness with her but Mum found her an homeopathic remedy to treat it and … there is no stopping my little sister … Continue reading

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Of Elks and Dales

Nelly and I had a great time being part of the Gooberstanian Beard Growing Competition, so much so she is now practicing for another one …She paused there for a moment¬†because she couldn’t remember how it goes. However, this is … Continue reading

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Gooberstanian Beard Competition

Hi All & Happy New Year!
Hope you had a lovely Christmas Рwe did!  But first things first:
Here are the Beard measurements for the Gooberstanian Beard Competition!

That’s 3.5 inches! My beard hasn’t grown longer but I think it has become … Continue reading

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