Homeopathy for Airedales


RemediesHomeopathic remedies don’t have any side effects and are really effective when they are properly matched. All Homeopathic Remedies have a number behind the name. Go for the 30 if you can get it. So it would read ‘Arnica 30’ or ‘Aconite 30’ on the bottle.

You shouldn’t eat or drink for a few minutes before and after taking Homeopathic Remedies otherwise they might not work. Elke crunches them up between two tablespoons and I lick the them of the spoon. They taste really nice. It’s really important that your human doesn’t touch the remedies when trying to give it to you otherwise they might not work!

Arnica we use for any kind of injury or physical shock. Arnica is brilliant for bruising, takes away the pain and helps heal muscle tissue very quickly. It’s also really good to take when you’ve been out on a walk for too long.

We also use a combination remedy of Arnica / Hypericum / Ruta grav 200 when I start to limp for whatever reason (We needed it a few times when I was growing quickly). A few doses one hour apart usually sorts the problem out.

Apis mel is a really good remedy for wasp stings or bee stings. My friend Jack had 6 wasp stings the other day – some of them in his ear flaps, poor lad, and he didn’t want to come out of his basket. But 10 minutes after Apis he came out and said hello and stuff.

Aconite is an excellent remedy when you get really scared. It’s useful for any complaints that begin after a fright, any kind of shock. This is a great remedy to give during the Bonfire Night Fireworks!
If you’re not so scared but the noise of Bonfire Night gets you really worked up and excited (like me!) then Phosphorus is probably a better remedy for you.

When I have a cut on my paws Elke bathes it with a herbal tincture Calendula and Hypericum combined in a little bit of warm water. That’s really nice and I happily hold still for that.

Hypericum is a really good remedy when one of your claws gets injured or torn off. That can really hurt.

Calc phos is a remedies for Airedale puppies that grow too quickly and are really thin. Combined with a natural diet it helps with the Calcium metabolism and helps build strong bones and joints.

Symphytum is a remedy Mum’s used a lot for when Nelly twists or hurts her leg and it makes her limp. In fact Mum’s used it for Dad’s Frozen Shoulder as well and he got better very quickly. Symphytum is made from Comfrey or Knitbone (as it is also called). It has a special action on tissue that is injured or torn and will knit it together quickly.

We successfully used Petroleum for my hot spot in September 07. Though it’s treatment must include diet changes as well. Petroleum 30 also helps Nelly with her carsickness. Mum just gives her one tablet (crushed between 2 spoons and she licks it off)  before we load up into the car and she is fine. Other carsickness remedies are Cocculus 30 and Tabacum 30. All three can be made into a combination remedy (can be ordered from Helios).

I don’t get injections/immunisations, instead I get Homeopathic Nosodes. They are remedies made from a specific disease process, tissue or a vaccine. They are prepared like all other homeopathic remedies in that they are subjected to a series of dilutions and succussions, rendering them very safe indeed. And they taste great!
You can buy most of these remedies at any good wholefood or health shop. We’ve added a link to Helios our Homeopathic supplier for the last 18 years. They do mail order to anywhere in the world and they are really helpful if you have any kind of question. Helios can supply the Dog Vaccination Nosodes also.

There are lots more Remedies and we will be adding them bit by bit. To read up about Homeopathic Remedies go here.

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