Squirrels, accounts and pheasants

Ok, so today after my early morning walk which included chasing a few squirrels up trees it promised to be a pretty boring day. After putting me on the grooming table Elke got out the large picnic table to sort out the accounts, and I settled down for the day watching her and looking out for postman Dave (he always has a biscuit in his pocket!!!)

After several hours of sorting and groaning she suddenly picked up my lead and said “Let’s go have some fun.” So off we went in the car to Roche Abbey to chase some pheasant! You’ll need your speakers on to hear them when you’re watching the clip.

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All the noise is made by the birds. It’s glorious fun. One time one of them didn’t fly away properly only up a tree and sat on a branch. It just sat there! So I barked at it. And still it wouldn’t move. But then Elke whistled for me to come back and I had to go.

All in all I stayed clean for about 6 hours today – that’s a bit of a record actually.

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6 Responses to Squirrels, accounts and pheasants

  1. Katy says:

    That looks great fun Finni. I haven’t been to Roche Abbey for years. There was a pheasant sat in front of our car on the road yesterday. It flew off after we pretty much stopped in the road, stupid bird!

    Katy xxx

  2. Elke says:

    Hi Katy,

    Next time you come up this way we’ll take you!

    Elke & the bird hunter xxx

  3. jdhilmar says:

    Pheasants to chase, what fun we must go there too! Molly and Taffy

  4. Finni says:

    And between us all we should be able to catch some! Yeah!
    Finni the bird hunter xxx

  5. Bogart says:

    Hi Finni!!!

    I’ve just found your blog, you’re a GORGEOUS Airedale!!!

    I’m putting up a link on mine so I remember to visit yours 🙂


  6. Finni says:

    Hi Bogart,

    Thanks for the compliment. You’re pretty gorgeous too. We love your blogspot, especially the food pics!!!! We’ve added your link on here as well so we’ll check your blog out from time to time.

    See you around!

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