The three R’s…

As Elke beat me to the post this morning – and this is serious! I love collecting post and opening it, especially when there are little parcels! They might be for me! – I made a point of getting the paper this afternoon.

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A boy has got to practice his reading. I feel I made a rather good job of spreading the knowledge, don’t you think?


And afterwards I had a well deserved rest on the new ‘sofa’ on the veranda. From here I can check on that squirrel that keeps pinching the hazelnuts out of my tree and making holes in my lawn to bury them.


All in a busy Airedale’s workschedule!

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  1. jdhilmar says:

    A job well done there Finni. Your shredding technique is obviously up to par!

    Molly and Taffy

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