Crisis over!


We’ve had a little bit of a crisis for about a week… I kept running off. Elke says I was ‘hormonal’.

One day I disappeared for 30 minutes just running off and walking around the woods with my friend Jake instead of coming back to her – and she was having kittens. She was waiting for us by the carpark. Then I wasn’t allowed off the lead at all for a week!

Elke found out the reason for my wayward behaviour – Gipsy the young alsation girl who lives behind our house was in season! Now that she is back to normal again I’m ok too. And I’m being good again and walks are off lead (see Martin’s visit). Phew!

It’s much more fun being off lead, you can go and chase things properly. I chased at least fifty pheasant at Roche Abbey. That was great!

PS. My halo is courtesy of Sammie @ Thanks Sammie!

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  1. jdhilmar says:

    Glad things are back to normal and you can run free again Finni. Chasing pheasants sounds tremendous fun.
    Molly and Taffy.

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