Rain, rain, rain… and more rain.

Well… this morning we all woke up to the sound of rain hammering against the windows. All we could do was watch. I didn’t even go for a walk until gone 9am when we had a little ‘window’ during the downpour. We met Max my other Airedale friend during our short tour of the woods.


And then we discovered the leak!… right behind my basket, so it was moved and now I’m a poor displaced pooch who just wants to keep dry and warm.


But then the postman came and brought me a parcel. I opened it straight away. There was a familiar smell coming from it.


It was my Lakse Kronch treats from Holistic Pet Supplies!!!
Thanks Donna, you made a bored Airedale very happy!


We opened it and I tried a few bits. MMMMH! Lovely fishy crunchies.


How peculiar, I didn’t know this drawer comes out all the way.

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2 Responses to Rain, rain, rain… and more rain.

  1. OscarAiredale says:

    Wow, those treats look fab! Mum just bought some more powder stuff to add to my food from Donna too, but no treats harumph! Destroying the box looks like good fun too!

    Is the rain still bad there? Mum is upset seeing so many houses flooded in and around Sheffield and Rotherham where she knows a lot of people. her best friend works at Dinnington Comp, the school where all the people from near Ulley reservoir are taking shelter.

    Oscar x

  2. Elke says:

    Hi Oscar,
    The rain has pretty much stopped since yesterday, but the rivers are all still swelling and the flooding is getting worse. All the towns around us are having flooding problems. The roads to Sheffield and Rotherham are pretty much gridlocked in the mornings, or they are blocked due to flooding.

    All this hasn’t actually affected my walking routine except that Daneshill Lakes is probably the driest place to go walking paradoxically. My mum was going to go to Sheffield tomorrow to be on BBC Radio Sheffield again chatting about Homeopathy but she’s had to cancel it because there is no way through! My mum says there can’t be anything worse than having flood water in your house – water everywhere, and think of the smell!

    Hope you are all staying nice and dry.
    Finni x

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