Finni vs The Brush

Today I did a lot of digging, so my folks had to get out the brush. Now, I’m not afraid of the the brush but whenever I hear it or see it I come storming up to see what it is doing and – I just can’t help it – I have to attack it. Have a look what I did to it…

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Yes… I broke it, and it’s brand new! So ‘Mr Fixit’ Pete will have to get me out of this one.

And then I drank the pond!

Furry Pond Monstyer

Weeeellll! Guarding is a thirsty job!

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1 Response to Finni vs The Brush

  1. OscarAiredale says:

    Oh Finni, that photo of you with pond slime all over your beard made me smile! You look just as a true Airedale should – refined yet disgusting.

    Katy xxx

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