Pancake Day!

Hi Everybody!

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged. We have been very, very busy. But first of all Nelly wants me to show you what we had for Tea tonight!!! She loves food with a passion! Mum says it’s very good for training. Not like me who used to say “I might come. What exactly have you got in your hand?”


Oi, Dad! Don’t pinch the pancakes! Leave some for us!


Mmmmhh! Filled pancake!


cut in half and sitting on top of our BARF mix. Nelly always finishes her food first. She also totally cleans both our dishes after we have finished eating. She is also a BIG counter surfer…

Since our last blog entry we’ve had snow – proper snow!


and we played and played


I even settled down with a chewie I unearthed


And since the snow has melted Brenda’s boy Martin has been at our house building … a wall!


On this photo it’s not quite finished yet. Mum couldn’t wait until the gates are hung so she barricaded all the exits and we could play on the back garden without being attached to the washing line!!! Yeah!!! [Mum: Our plot is about 1/3 acre. The back garden is the largest part of the plot and away from the busy road. It’s bliss!]


Now Nelly and I can play to our hearts content while Mum is pottering in the garden. Oh yeah, Nelly keeps pinching Mum’s gardening gloves, hehe, she is really naughty. She pretended to be the Andrex puppy once … carried a 12-pack toilet tissue into the garden and gave it extra ‘perforations’ – lots of them.



We have been hanging out together a lot. Nelly is nearly as big as me now and comes on every walk with me. Mum decided it was time the day we came home and Nelly had rearranged the entire downstairs including the vertical blinds!


She still isn’t too sure about the grooming thing tho’.

We are very busy sending loads of Aire Zen to Portland, USA where Bogart’s Dad Klaus is in hospital and very poorly at the moment. Get better quickly Klaus so Bogart can have his Dad back! Nelly is sending loads of licks – she is the Florence NightingDale in our house. She likes to lick everybody’s ears. I rather like it but Dad insists on putting his fingers in his ears …


From Nelly and me

Bye for now

Finni paw

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6 Responses to Pancake Day!

  1. maggie says:

    OMG, what a hoot that Nelly is! We can see she really keeps you all on your toes! Your photos are all just wonderful, Finni!
    Happy mardi gras! We sure wish we would have gotten pancakes for our dindin!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Stanley says:

    Ah, Finni!

    There’s so much in this one little post I want to comment on… like those DELIcious looking pancakes. MAN! I’d like to come by next time you have pancake day. (At first I thought it might be some national holiday in England then realized it’s a holiday at your house.)

    Nelly sounds a lot like Stella. She gobbles her food up then cleans and cleans and cleans her bowl until she sees that I’m done, then she goes to work on mine (not that there’s anything left in it).

    I noticed that Nelly is also a camera hound. She really took the photo op out in your garden when she looks like she ran into you, and instead of walking around you (or under you), she decided to crawl over the top. The photos of you both sleeping made it look like you were all scrunched up on the chair while she was all sprawled out on the bed. Do you like sleeping in that chair? I hope she hasn’t kicked you out of your bed. That would not be good for us older siblings.

    Thanks for making me chuckle (to find that I’m not the only one with a crazy little sister).

    Goober love,

  3. caz and Ludo says:

    wow the pancake looked huge I bet it tasted yummy. We never had a sniff of a pancake in out house the were made and eatten in 10 sec flat thanks caz.Nelly has really grown and no dount is just like our Otto he has a big gob on him. love the pics they are fab.

    Ludo the cool dude

  4. leuradales says:

    Maties, the pancakes look delish. Are they only for dogs?
    You know reading this post I realise we have lots in common. First of all there is the whole BARF thing. We get BARF patties too.
    Secondly we had our backyard fenced with barricades because the gates haven’t arrived yet.

    We’re praying for a miracle for Bogart’s dad too. He is very ill and he needs lots of zen.


  5. Molly and Taffy says:

    Ooooh yummers, pancakes.

    We did not have pancakes as our hooman brother did not get home till very late so we have been promised them this weekend.

    Nelly you are growing so quickly! We cannot wait to see you and have a walk.

    Molly and Taffy

  6. stanislaw says:

    Had to say hello to some fellow BARFers! MmmmMMMMM! That feast of pancake sure looks DELISH! I wish I could come over to snack with you guys.

    And is that a bully stick you dug up? Wow! You canines have great taste!

    It’s nice to ‘meat’ you!

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