Hi All,

Here is a picture of Bonzo and our Baby Girls – one week old today!

Don’t they look peaceful.

We had sad news 🙁 last Sunday though- the two smaller ones of the puppies had died during the night 🙁 . We were all really upset by this and on Monday/Tuesday were really anxious to hear that the surviving pups were alright.

The good news is – yes, they are, one week old and feeding well (and growing ++) Here’s a closer shot:

Mum is planning to go and visit again next weekend. Their eyes should start to open by then. Thank you Sue for sending us these great photos!

Bye for now.


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7 Responses to Baby GIRLS!

  1. Saint Lover says:

    They are beautiful Finni! You did such a good job. I am sorry you lost the two smaller ones. Mother nature sure can be cruel sometimes. Two beautiful healthy pups are wonderful blessings. Cant wait to hear your mom’s report on the pups.

  2. maggie says:

    We’re so sad to hear that two of the pups died, Finni! The two that remain are absolutely beautiful! Mom wishes that she could hold one of them very close and smell that puppy breath!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. leuradales says:

    Oh no Finni, we’re really sorry to hear two of the babies have died. The photos are lovely. They’re so little.

    Noah x

  4. jazz says:

    Hi Finni.

    I have only found your website in the last few weeks, but now I really enjoy looking at it. Your new baby girls are beautiful and look to be doing really well at 1 week old. I have an airedale, Jazz, and what I would really like to know is if you are a Shadlian Airedale. Jazz is and I know this sounds really silly because most airedales look alike, but in the photos of you recently clipped you are the image of Jazz. She is 7 years old and we got her from Jan and Keith when they had Woofers Lodge Boarding Kennels. I think you must be fairly local too, because you walk in Clumber Park – that is Jazz’s most favourite place in the world and she really loves her walks there with her sister Nell (who is a Collie X). I would also like you to tell your dad that having two dogs really is a brilliant idea. I got Nell when Jazz was two and a half and they have been inseparable ever since. Keep up the good work with the web site, I will definately keep logging in.

    Love Jazz, Nell and Mum

  5. Finni says:

    Hi Jazz, Nell and Mum!

    It’s really nice to hear from you! Yes, I am a Shadlian boy! And that is where I regularly go and get groomed. Mum has sort of chosen the name Nell/Nelly for our little puppy girl already , too! (She works on the principle of ‘confident expectation’ – just like a Terrier!) We live in a village not far from Worksop – Blyth. Do you know it? Mum and I would love to meet up with you!

    Finni xx

  6. St Georgeous says:

    Congratulations Finni! Sorry to hear that 2 pups didn’t make it, the other 2 are looking good though. Well done fella!
    I think you puppy Dales look a bit like Rottie pups you know!
    Love n Snuffs

  7. mollyandgert says:

    Hello Finni,

    firstly, we are really upset to hear that two of the beautiful pups died – that’s really sad news. But we are also pleased to see the other two gorgeous girls – and one will stay with you! October 18th must have been an unlucky day for births what with our little brother’s problems too….but it has turned out to be a good day after all because you have two lovely puppies and we have Ptolemy! Congratulations!

    Lots of love from Molly and Gertrude

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