Look what Mum brought in from the garden this morning.

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They are some of the windfalls that last night’s wind has brought down from the trees. They will become apple sauce, apple sponge, apple-toffee and pecan nut pie, apple crumble etc…. I was allowed one of them to play ‘windfall football’! But then the window cleaners came and I had to do a lot of guarding/barking.

And whilst Mum is making all the aforementioned I’ll do a bit more guarding.

Bye for now.


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3 Responses to Windfalls

  1. maggie says:

    OMG, you’ve got Mitch drooling, Finni! He wants to eat that whole crate of apples! Does windfall football mean that you ate that apple eventually?

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Saint Lover says:

    Those apples look scrumptious! Did you eat the one they gave you or did you play footie with it? Save some crumble for us 😉

  3. Bogart says:

    Congratulations on becoming a DADDY!!!! Much love to everyone in your Dale family and especially to your new little Aire-babies!!!!!


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