Busy August and a wonderful surprise!

Hi George and everybody!

We’ve been quiet this August because Mum and Dad have been sooo busy having guests, sending the caravan on holidays (without us!) and stuff, but I’ve been good,

guarding …

and sock sorting (Dad’s socks!)

and coming when I’m called (actually Scooby is good at that too!)

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And then I had the most wonderful surprise this Bank holiday weekend!

Recognize him?

and this lovely girl?

and remember him from Sherwood Forest?

Yes … Molly, Taffy and Robbie came to my house so I could show them where I go for walks! The weather was lovely and we set off walking past the horses and through the farm yard and down the lane by the sugar beet field … I’m in front here showing everybody the way.

… and we found a brilliant puddle …

and this time even Robbie could play in it, his legs were not too short for this one. We spent a little while here, it was so refreshing.

Robbie really liked it!

and Taffy did a little U-boat impression …

And on the way back to the car Molly flushed out a pheasant – clever girl!

After the walk everybody came back to my house for Bonios and Lemon Drizzle Cake 🙂

Thanks for coming round my walk with me Molly, Taffy and Robbie. It was brilliant!

Bye for now.


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3 Responses to Busy August and a wonderful surprise!

  1. leuradales says:

    What a fun day out Finni, you got to meet up with Molly & Taffy and little Robbie. Excellent matie and the water pics are great.


  2. maggie says:

    What a fun day you had and it made it even more fun to spend it with Molly, Taffy and Robbie!
    We’re so glad we’re home! We missed you, Finni!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. St Georgeous says:

    Hey Finni – woo hoo!
    What a great guarding job you were doing. I’m so envious that you saw Molly & Taffy. Molly is great, fancy chasing out a pheasant to impress you boys?
    Tell me, when you sort the socks, do you play the stretchy sucky sock game? If not, check my blog to see how… BOL!

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