It’s here!!!!!


Spring … it’s definitely here! … and Nelly and I (reunited at last and not having to sleep in Mum’s bedroom any more!) are spending most of our time in the garden catching up with our Neighbourhood Watch buddies and chasing squirrels! Woohoo!


Mum has waited ages for these to come out. Apparently everything is a few weeks late because of the cold weather. Anyway … this is us yesterday.


… and this is the garage …  80 teabags later:


Mum keeps checking the weather because we need a run of 3 dry days to render the outside … before Monday the 29th, because then the Block paving will be laid. See the table and chairs in there? Hehe, Mum and Dad have been sitting in there having cups of tea and marveling at Martin’s  bricklaying!


And whilst Mum is busy pottering in the garden and  Nelly is keeping an eye on the road …


I’m taking it easy!


Finni paw

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10 Responses to It’s here!!!!!

  1. Your garage is coming along beautifully! We bet it’s nice and cool inside!
    Mom is waiting for our 1st daffies to appear! They’re such cheerful flowers!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Noah says:

    Gosh your garage is looking great. How old is your house? Ours in 101 years old. Quite old for an Aussie home.
    Our leaves are changing colour and soon will be all gone. We love Autumn. Hope you have good weather so you can render the garage.

    Noah x

  3. Hi Finni

    That is an excellent job you are doing there Finni. Being the “Walking foreman” carries a lot of reesponsibility. Good to see you managed to have some rest in between shifts.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  4. The garage looks to be about done now. That was quick work. How funny that your folks take their tea there~~they must really like it!! We’ll hope (with you) that you have fair weather for the completion.

    You look soooo relaxed there Finni. It’s a good thing that Nelly is keeping watch of the road while you rest. BOL. I have a question: Why does the garage have a flat roof? Don’t you get a lot of rain? Won’t a flat roof be more likely to leak?
    WelshieHugs, Hootie

  5. Kimi Wagner says:

    Hi Finni,

    My human wants me to tell you that she thinks you look exactly like me, or we look exactly like each other when we are both groomed. Now I look like a teddy bear, all big and messy, but when I am groomed, we look alike. Even our ear placement, our shape, everything. You and your sissy look so cute together.


  6. Das BamBam says:

    Ich hab heute beim Pieseln die erste dicke Hummel im Gras gefunden. Aber der war das sicher zu kalt, die war ganz langsam.

    Hier kommt auch der Frühling überall. Frauchen und ich freuen uns wieder auf lange Spaziergänge, denn Frauchens Knie ist wieder gesund.

    Und ich freu mich, dass du wieder mit Nelly zusammen sein darfst. Sie ist ein wunderschönes Mädchen.

    Die Garage? Naja, das find ich nichts besonderes. So was hat hier jeder. :)))

    Give 5

  7. Finni says:

    Hi Bambam,

    Ich hoffe ja nur dass du nicht auf die Hummel gepieselt hast … 😀

  8. Hello Finni,

    ARe you excited your garage is almost done??? Hehehehe you have the best life, your sissy does all the work and looks after you!!! Nice to meet you, I think you’re HOT!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  9. Head rubs right back to ya, Finni and Nelly-you two are lookin’ ready for spring!
    I keep trampling Parental Units Daffodils trying to nab the squirrels in our back yard!

    Your buddy,

  10. Your new garage looks great! I bet it’s all done by now! Our mom cut all our daffy-dils and put them in a vase in the house. They were pretty…for a while! Watch out for those evil squirrels! We have 6 of them we’re watching in our back yard. Our stoopid mom feeds them. We think she does it to torture us!

    Penny & Patches

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