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I’ve got troubles … of the emotional kind … (sigh)


You see … Nelly and I do everything together …


… and she kinda looks after me …


But now we’re not allowed to be together … sigh … until next Tuesday!!!!! … and I have to sleep in Mum’s bedroom …

I miss her! … and the little things she does …


The only one who understands me is Martin …


Luckily Martin is here every day. I spend a lot of time with him.


You see, he is building our new garage. That’s why we haven’t been blogging much lately.

This is what has happened so far:


This is where our old garage used to be. Dad and Martin dismantled it one day whilst Mum was away on one of her study days.


Then Dave came with his big noisy digger and pulled the old concrete pad up.


Then Martin and Dad prepared the new foundations, and


a great big cement mixer lorry came and Martin, Dave and Dad laid new foundations.


And then another big lorry came and brought loads of blocks and huge bags of sand and stuff


And this is how it looks this evening. Martin is really cracking on with it.


Sigh! … and that is Nelly in the foreground! I was on a walk with dad even though I keep telling them I don’t want to go any further – can’t we go back home now!? Please!?

Troubled Headrubs

Finni paw

PeeEss: Nelly’s leg problem seems completely ok now and when she has finished her season (Tuesday!) she will be going on walks again. ­čśÇ

Thank you to everyone who has been asking after her!

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6 Responses to Trouble

  1. We just love that Ray Lamontagne fellow. Good accompanyment to your troubled emotional state!! Sure glad to hear Nelly’s leg is better and that you will get to be together once again on Tuesday.

    The garage project is coming along swimmingly! Looks like you are a helper there too Finni. Our folks need a garage up in Idaho, but mom says it’s not in the near future. We like when builders come to visit, ‘cuz they usually give us extra butt rubs & attention.
    BabyRocketDog & Hootie

  2. So that’s what’s inside Mr. Hedgehog! We love that picture of Nelly looking after you, Finni! We hope the days speed by fast for you so that the two of you can be together again!
    Your garage is coming along beautifully!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Noah says:

    Oh Finni mate, Tuesday isnt far off. You’ll be able to hang out with Nellie real soon. Hang in there buddy.

    We hope all goes well with the building of the garage.
    Glad to hear Nellie’s leg is better too.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  4. Das BamBam says:

    Oh, ich denke Nelly riecht auch gut, was? Ich glaube, da gibt es was zwischen Hund und H├╝ndinn, wovon ich noch keine Ahnung habe. Aber es muss mit Gutriechen zu tun haben. Jaja. Frauchen wurde neulih mal ganz hibbelig, als ich mich an einer H├╝ndin festgeschn├╝ffelt hatte. Ich wette, da gibt es noch was.

    Aber das wird ein tolles Haus f├╝r eure Autos. Soooo gro├č!

  5. Mischka says:

    Hallo Finni,
    ich habe ja hier noch nie geschaut! Ich warte immer, dass es bei Nelly im Blog weitergeht….
    Ich bin sehr beeindruckt von Deinem Aussehen. Ganz toll getrimmt!
    Mama sagt, wenn ich “dran” bin, guckt sie hier nochmal in den Blog, wie genau der ├ťbergang Wangen- Schnauze gemacht wurde
    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  6. You poor baba. We hope that you have been reunited again. We know what it is like to be separated. BORING!!

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