Nelly is in Biiiiig Trouble!


As you all know my little sister is on ‘bedrest’ because of her poorly leg/hip. … Well, the first few days she was ok with that and quite enjoyed it.

This morning Mum went out to run some errands and closed the babygate between my room and the kitchen where Nelly stays when Mum is out (so she doesn’t start a mad ‘biteyface’ session while Mum’s out!). All I could hear was a lot of bouncing about and then ‘RIIIIIIIIIP!’ and loads more bouncing and some more ‘RIIIIIIIIIIIIP!, ‘RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!’

And this is what Mum found when she came home …


Nelly had only completely trashed her new basket! Naughty Girl!


Look at her! Butter wouldn’t melt …

All that was left for her to sit on was the mat from inside the basket.

Sooooo, … Mum put her thinking cap on and fetched in an old feeding towel of ours and proceeded to try and repair things.


She made a pattern of the cushion and cut the towel out around the cushion giving plenty of seam allowance …

Nelly helped with the colour matching …

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Then it was time to pin and tack things together …


and finally try and sew it all around the bottom of the basket …


There! Good as new!


… and this evening she is luxuriating back in her own basket as if nothing happened! She says it smells nicer now – a bit like dinner!


Finni paw

Nelly is a typical 16 month old teenage ADT – full of energy and drive. She is getting really bored because she can’t let off steam. She is tons better for having had a complete rest. She can get up normally off the floor at any time of the day now. She will however remain on ‘bedrest’ for a good while longer with just short walks to break the boredom. I just hope the terry toweling is strong enough to last the course … redface

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5 Responses to Nelly is in Biiiiig Trouble!

  1. Your basket is even more plush now, Nelly, and you look so very content and happy! We guess ripping up your bed has its advantages?! hummmmm

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Das BamBam says:

    Oooh, deine Mum hat eine tolle Arbeit gemacht, sagt mein Frauchen. Sie versteht nämlich was vom Nähen. Sehr gut sieht das aus. Weich und gemütlich.

    Nelly tut mir wirklich leid. Denn wer wüsste besser, wie toll es ist, rumzurasen und sich zu balgen, als ich. Bityface ist schließlich ein supertolles Spiel. Aber Frauchen sagt, trösten nützt nichts. Die Nelly müsste da wohl durch. Ganz schlimme Sache für dich und deine Mum. Jaja.

    Bedauernde Grüße

  3. Noah says:

    Gosh your mum is clever. Lucy would do something like that. Hopefully Nelly’s leggie will be better soon.
    B says thanks for the birthdays wishes.

    Noah x

  4. Dear Finni, Not sure why you weren’t on our Dale last before, but we have now added you.(Maybe because your blog isn’t on blogspot and mommy has only recently figured out how to add other types?!)

    Anywhooo, we need to know: Momma bought 2 gorgeous china Dale mugs from England a year or so ago…we’re thinking they came from ragamuffinn. Are we right? Boy does she love those Airedale mugs in any event!

    Now, about Nelly’s boredom-rampage. She did a great job! I (BRD) appear to be a mild mannered pooch, but I have a habit of getting into mischief (on occasion)if I’m left alone. The folks never know when I’m gonna do my thing! Sometimes I’m wonderfully quiet!

    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  5. Hi Nelly! Thanks so much for stoppin’ by my blog, Bocci’s Beefs, and becoming an official “Follower”.
    I’m doin’the same for you right now.
    Great blog you got here! Can you tell that my Parental Unit and I are partial to terriers?
    Hope all your pals check out my blog at:
    Thanks all!

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