Happy New Year 2010!


Happy New Year to all our Blogging Friends!

Hope you had a good Christmas and plenty of new toys to unstuff . Mum & Dad just realized today that quite a considerable amount of the white stuff  in the garden wasn’t the kind that melts!

Nelly is into unstuffing toys in a big way!!! In fact she is also into being a land-shark lately … before Christmas I told her that if she doesn’t stop biting bottoms (and not just mine!) Santa won’t bring her any presents …


That sort of worked … she stopped for a day! rolleyes

But she must have been good because Santa brought her some presents anyway.  Naturally I was in charge of unwrapping!

(Nelly’s recall is VERY good – she’s a little rocket and comes licking her lips – frankfurter sausage is such a marvelous motivator – whereas Finni comes … eventually)

We’ve had a lot of snow since before Christmas too.

(You’ll have to excuse the quality of this clip. We have a new camera with zooming facility whilst filming but I took this clip in HD (file too big!) and had to re-video it from another computer screen. I am slowly getting the hang of it 🙂 )

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

But I think she hurt herself when we were playing in the snow, because Mum noticed that Nelly couldn’t get up of the mat in the afternoons. She was fine in the mornings! But in the afternoon she just couldn’t get her bottom off the floor. At first Mum thought Nelly has HD 😯 ! Mum stopped taking her for walks but let her play a little bit in the garden – but it didn’t get any better, so off they went to the vet on Thursday. Nelly had a very thorough examination and the Verdict is: ‘Soft tissue damage’ as far as could be ascertained without doing an x-ray (Mum’s not too keen on having Nelly anesthetized) – so Nelly is on ‘bedrest’ for the next 2 weeks.

When Nelly heard about the bedrest her left ear drooped 2 inches (it always does that when she’s not sure what to think – it’s the ‘but I’ve been a good girl’ look!) …


So we’re trying to keep her occupied with various bits …


Leadwalks in the garden, no more biteyface for a while … I’m keeping her company and watch over her when she sleeps.


She is also on Homeopathic medication and Glucosamine sulphate. We’re trying to keep her really calm because if she’s no better in 2 weeks she’ll have to have that x-ray …


Finni paw

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  1. Oh no! We are so sorry that you hurt yourself, Nelly! You were having so much fun playing in the snow! Our paws are crossed that the meds and the rest helps you! Keep us updated, okay?

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

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