Squeakerballs are cool!

This evening we had a little session in the garden with my favorite toy – a squeakerball. I can make it squeak loud and fast!

At Play

Then Pete and I played hide and chase! First Pete hid…


Then I did…


He couldn’t catch me though!


I ran circles round him.


Who is going to get the ball?


I’ll get it! I’ll bring it to you!

At Play2

When we had finished I went for a refreshing drink in Freddie, Teddy and Jonathan’s pond.


(Freddie, Teddy and Jonathan are the three frogs living in my little pond. Little tip: Don’t eat frogs, they don’t taste very nice. I once tried to eat one and it made me feel sick!)

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  1. OscarAiredale says:

    I can’t even tell you how much I love my squeakerballs Finni! I don’t normally play fetch for long, but last night I played with dad for at leastan hour!

    Oscar x

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