Comfy Collars and Cozy Beds

Well, our little girl is definately back to normal, and as a special treat Mum took her to have her nails and hair done on Thursday.


And since our ‘No Collars’ fiasco Mum has been mega busy making us new ones! She bought a load of webbing and stuff from this place and Nelly is on ‘Comfy Collar Mark IV’ now. I’m wearing the ‘Mark II’ version and I have to say they are pretty good!


As we are both able to wriggle out of ordinary collars Mum has always got us half check collars even though she doesn’t like all the metal. These home made collars are also half check but with webbing instead of metal, so they work on the same principle but are not as heavy.


And … to our great surprise when we came back from our walk with Dad we found two new baskets in place of our old ones! Well, Nelly couldn’t make up her mind  which one she wanted:

the navy one with light paws …


or ….


the wine coloured one with navy paws!

In the end she settled for the wine coloured one.


I’m glad really because I couldn’t see myself in that one though I’m thinking of trying it one day.


if she lets me …

In the evening Nelly gave her basket a thorough ‘test drive’. She tried it in every conceivable position …


Left inverted curl …


Straight down the middle …


Right inverted curl …


and of course … the half in – half out position.

VERDICT: fabulous! We had a great  night’s sleep and didn’t wake Mum and Dad up at all last night! Mum just wants to say that the internet company she got these baskets from were one of the most helpful places she’s ever dealt with – full marks to Farmways, the wine coloured basket wasn’t even on their website!


Finni paw

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6 Responses to Comfy Collars and Cozy Beds

  1. How talented your mom is to make your collars and they are just BEAUTIFUL!
    You are such a hoot trying out all of those positions in your new bed, Nelly!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Das BamBam says:

    Frauchen hat auch versucht, mir ein Geschirr mit Neoprenpolsterung zu nähen, aber sie ist fast verrückt dabei geworden. Nach der 5. zerbrochenen Nadel hat sie akzeptiert, dass ihre Nähmaschine sich damit überfordert fühlt. Mit Fleecepolsterung fühlte sie sich auch noch überfordert. Die Nähmaschine.

    Das ist ein Glück für mich. Denn danach hat sie mir 3 neue wunderschöne Geschirre gekauft, und eins hab ich geschenkt bekommen. Leider gibt es nun ganz lange nichts neues mehr für mich.

    Frauchen!!! Du musst mich mal mit meinen ganzen Geschirren fotografieren. Dass ich mal zeigen kann, was ich für ein schöner Hund bin. Pffff… Sie sagt grad, ich wär schön eingebildet. pffff…

  3. Noah says:

    Those new baskets look very spacious.
    D says she didnt realise collars could be made at home. Your mum is very talented.


  4. Buster says:

    Your Mom is sure TALENTED!

    Bussie Kissies

  5. Merry Christmas, Finni and Nelly! We hope Santa was generous!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Ah, yes, sunny side up! Legs in the Aire! It’s a Dale!!

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