Boy’s Woes


She won’t let me into my basket! … all day long! … she hogs it! … only comes out to go for a walk, have dinner or go into the garden!… and she keeps growling at me when I go near her! Dad says it’s a girl thing!


I just want to have a little look at it … the chewie … but all she does is squeal …  and growl! It’s not fair!


She doesn’t even want to play with me 🙁 so I’ll just have to entertain myself … with favourite elk 🙂 ! Yeeaaah! …


I hope she cheers up soon. It’s not so much fun without her.


Finni paw

{Nelly is going through the last bit of  a phantom pregnancy at the moment. She has decided that Finni’s basket is the nicest place to ‘nurse’ her pretend babies – a crunched up blanket – and hardly leaves it. She is very hormonal!}

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3 Responses to Boy’s Woes

  1. You poor boy, Finni! We hope Nelly returns to her old self soon!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. BamBam says:

    “Frauchen? Was steht da?”
    “Da steht, dass Nelly grad nich gut drauf ist und eine Decker liebt. Oder so was.”
    “Hä? Und was ist mit Finny?”
    “Finni knutscht einen Elch.”
    “Hä? Und warum lachst du dabei?”
    “Weil ich froh bin, dass DU keine Hormone mehr produzierst.Jedenfalls nicht diese Sorte.”
    “Hä? Was für ne Sorte?”
    “Vergiss es einfach, mein Schatz. Sei ein braves BamBam.”
    “Hä? Bin ich doch immer. Pfff… “

  3. Finni I know exactly what you are going through! Girls and their hormones……………. challenging to say the least.

    Hope things get back to normal very soon.


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