Nelly’s Interior Design Consultancy

The other morning Nelly persuaded Mum to let her have that shrivelled up Nectarine she was going to throw away, and being a true girl she immediately began to multi task.

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You can see I wanted to join in the fun and tried to persuade her to let me have a taste of that nectarine … but no! She insisted on having it all herself and rearranged our baskets while she was at it.

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She has had a flair for interior design from an early age and I have to admit I kinda like what she has done with the place … cozy!


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2 Responses to Nelly’s Interior Design Consultancy

  1. You’ve done a great job strategically placing the beds, Nelly!
    And we love watching your butt contour to your basket in the second video!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Noah Willow Tess Lucy says:

    Well you both look very comfy in your soft sided baskets. Nelly, you’ve positioned them very well. Love the vids.

    Noah x

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