Back to Work

After all the fun and excitement of the weekend we are now back at work.

In our garden there is a large hazelnut bush. It is one of Nelly’s favourite places to chill out under. However! This year our hazelnut bush has produced an abundance of nuts and Nelly finds it very unsettling when nutshells are raining down on her when she is trying to take a nap! So I have agreed to help her and we have organised a Squirrel Watch.


Nelly takes the first watch. She is very patient and will sit there for ages. She gives the alarm as soon as the squirrel dares to show it’s tail!


Then I dash in to assist and we check out all the escape routes.


This is followed by a copious amount of barking …

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And don’t come back!

That seems to be doing the trick!


Finni paw

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4 Responses to Back to Work

  1. What a great team you both are! Do you get to eat any of those hazelnuts?
    Your beard is getting so long, Finni!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Good work Finni. We hope you get paid overtime for all those hours you are putting in!

    If you want help flushing those pesky squizzels out of the tree just give me a call. My tree climbing skills are second to none!

    Molly xx

  3. You don’t have neighbours? Throughing at you with empty bottles? But you botz look very professional.

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