Holes and misty mornings

Hi all,

Well, I’ve been quite busy lately … working … as quality control when Dad and Mike dug a hole for a post!

as I know a thing or two about digging … and holes. 🙂 Looks like they made a decent job of this one!

and last weekend I oversaw the refurbishment of the awning which had got very wet and muddy on holiday. This happens on our back garden which hasn’t got any gates to keep me safe at the moment (but Mum has just ordered some 🙂 ) therefor I am attached to a rather long washing line which I manage to wrap around all sorts of things, trip people up and fell a few flowers, shrubs and turn my drinks dish over regularly.

I’ve been busy collecting sticks on my walks …

… and peemailing all my friends.

My busy week ended this morning with a ‘misty’ walk:

Everything was black and white

and the sun really struggled to get through the mist.

But it’s out now and I had my boney treat on the veranda in the sun 🙂

Just look at these! I love it when Mum comes home from shopping. This is 2 weeks worth of snacking!

Life’s good!!!!!

Have a good weekend!


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4 Responses to Holes and misty mornings

  1. maggie says:

    OMG, we are drooling over all of those delicious bones! You’re sure lucky, Finni!
    Your foggy pictures are just beautiful!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. leuradales says:

    G’day Finni
    You’re doing a great job overseeing the digging of the holes. We’ve got to keep an eye on these humans.


  3. Saint Lover says:

    Gorgeous pictures Finni! looks like you hit the mother load with those ribs….

  4. St Georgeous says:

    I bet you were disappointed that the hoomans dug so well – maybe they’ve been watching you and stealing your style.
    Them bones sure look nice – I’ve never had one???
    Love George

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