Guess Who!?


We finally persuaded Mum to bring a camera on our walk the other morning. It was still very cold … -8C but we were very warm in our jumpers. See the one I’m wearing? Mum made that one for me because the one she bought for me was a bit ‘snug’, actually at 30kg she says I could do with loosing a bit of weight …

So our walks in the morning are now longer.


We’re taking the usual path up the alley …


… but then Mum takes us way past the usual turn off down between the willows. There are some good smells down that way!


which all need checking!


Nelly is pretty busy as always … looking for mice.


So eventually we come to the lake.


and it’s time for snackies!!!!!!!!


You know it was so cold that my beard was full of icicles!

Since then the weather here has really warmed up and the first bulbs are showing through. Spring is not far away now and then Summer, and Mum says Summer will be VERY busy with some Ragamuffinn babies! 😯


Finni paw

We are planning a litter with Finni and Nelly this summer. Finni’s good looks and gentle nature and Nelly’s delightful character and excellent health should produce some lovely pups. They will be second generation naturally reared.

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10 Responses to Hiya!

  1. Asta says:

    Finn and Nelly
    You bof look so wondewful in youw jumpews on that fwosty walk.
    I can’t even imagine how gowgeous baby Aiwekids fwom the two of you will be..
    I wish I lived on youw side of the pond so I could sniff them in pawson
    smoochie kisses
    peee esss I hope you’ll have pictoowes

  2. That is some icy beard you’re sportin’, Finni!
    OMG, we can’t wait to see your Airebabies!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Pat says:

    Love your jumpers. That sure was a frosty walk you two took. Your babies are gonna be beautiful.

    Your new friend,

  4. The Thuglets says:

    Brillo Paws to see you both!

    Love the jumpers..very apt on a frosty morning!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  5. OMD! We are SOOOooo excited that you are going to have puppys in the summer!!! We didn’t know that you two were married! How did we miss that?! Oh Aire pups. So divine!! Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Yippee!!
    Just love the pics and video of you both with your jumpers on. They sure look like you’re nice and warm. Very natty too!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD and Hootie

  6. Mischka says:

    Oh, wir sind ganz begeistert, dies schöne Neuigkeit zu hören. Ihr seht beide so toll aus. Es wird einen prächtigen Nachwuchs geben.
    Wir drücken die Daumen, dass alles so klappt, wie gewünscht!
    Liebe Grüße von Mischka und seiner Nervensäge und violett

  7. Violet says:

    Boy it really looked cold….frozen beards are good indicators of freezin’ weather – haha
    Oh airebabies….how fun!

  8. Hattie says:

    We loved the jumpers and the icicles in the beard really made us laugh…..

  9. Hi Finni’s mum,
    my name is Jaspa from Australia…. i love your Finni’s blue jumper … so beautiful and looks so warm. i would love to one too for winter to come in July… have you got the pattern for the jumper, if yes can we have a copy ?? maybe my mum can make me one… love to hear from you…

    (my mum is maleena jittiporn )

  10. Janine says:

    So lovely to watch your dogs, I so miss my “Finni”, he passed away last week Thursday. His name was actually Finnigan. ll the best, hope to see your puppies soon.

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