Happy Birthday Nelly!

Today is Nelly’s Birthday. She is two years old today!

We had a great long walk exploring different parts of the Nature Reserve this morning 🙂 but then Mum decided to give me a Haircut!


Not my idea of a birthday party! 🙁 We were finished by the afternoon though


and I’m feeling much cooler.Then Mum baked some more biscuits for us … with marrowbone in them … yumm!!!!

After our dinner Nelly and I had a little Birthday play

and this evening she curled up with Mum in her Office.


I think she had a lovely day … watching me have an Airedo!



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6 Responses to Happy Birthday Nelly!

  1. Happy Birthday Nelly. You certainly look very comfy in the armchair. What a lovely way to end a very special day.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  2. The Thuglets says:

    Happy Birthday to Nelly!

    Looks like you had a fun day even with the torture of new airedo’s! We have to say you are both looking fabulous.

    Maroowbone biscuits sound very yummy.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsxx

  3. Happy birthday to Nelly! We loved her birthday pawty video, especially the part with you asking for more treats and your mom saying no, Finni! How rude!
    You look very handsome with you shorter hAirecut!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Noah says:

    Happy birthday Nelly Belly
    From your pals down under
    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  5. Mischka says:

    Happy Birthday liebe kleine Nelli!
    Da hat Dich aber Deine Mama ganz schick zu Deinem Geburtstag gemacht.
    Bist ne flotte Biene, ganz nach meinem Geschmack!
    Ich hoffe, Du hattest einen tollen Tag

    Meine Mama bedankt sich für das Keksrezept. Sie wird es bald für mich ausprobieren. Aber erstmal muss sie ganz viel Holunder verarbeiten. Sie macht daraus Holundergelee mit Apfelwein. Das soll ganz lecker schmecken, aber mir hat sie noch nie etwas abgegeben
    Küsschen dem Geburtstagskind

  6. Ginger & Buddy says:

    We are so so sorry Nelly for missing your Birthday.
    But we want to tell you that we think you are an adorable Airedale and we all love you.
    Wishing you a year filled with love and treats ahead.
    Lots of hugs n love n wags,
    Ginger, Buddy n Mummy too

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