IT Support

Mum’s computer has been beeping at her recently.


So I had a look at it for her.


I got right in there like proper IT people


and with Nelly’s help I managed to fix it for her. Mum was very happy – nothing worse than having a computer beeping at you, especially when Binary is NOT your first language.

As a special surprise and a sort of ‘Thank you’ she ordered a little something from the internet and gave it to us (actually ME, as I’m the best unwrapper) as soon as it arrived.

I chose the orange DinoCuz and left the green one for Nelly but she wanted to swap, and I agreed but then she changed her mind, … and changed it back again …


You just don’t know where you are with that girl. Well, I pretended not to care …


She has been REALLY capricious lately, especially with her meals!


She’d do anything except finish her dinner. Sometimes Mum leaves it standing there with a lid on to get Nelly more interested …

I could have eaten that for her! Nut NO! I’m not allowed.

I’m also not allowed any of the things she finds at the Lakes. Nelly has been making a bid for Self Sufficiency – she disappears in the Willows and comes out with things to eat. She comes out with some pretty good stuff:

Swan neck (complete with feathers!)

Mouse nests – she eats the wriggling pinkies. I managed to get one of her once (she didn’t like that tho’)

But today she got the peace de resistance … a goose! The wings were intact but the rest was bones. Mum just said ‘What the B(eeeep!) Hell is that?’.┬á Scooby was there too but she wasn’t allowed any of it either. Nelly was pretty pleased with herself … ran about with it … rolled about with it … crunched a bit of it, until it was time to go home.

All in all it was a pretty exciting morning walk – we were a pack of nine dogs! Pity Mum forgot the camera ­čÖü


So for the rest of the day I stayed in the Den keeping cool.


Finni paw

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8 Responses to IT Support

  1. No wonder you don’t want to eat your meals, Nelly! Mousie nests and swan necks and goosies – who the heck wants normal food after having the exciting stuff!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Good videos! Both Hootie and I barked back at you on the second one. It’s good to see other brothers & sissys trade off on their too. hehe. Usually I,BRD, take Hooties and he settles. Swan neck?? BowWowzers!!

    XXOO-BabyRD and Hootie

  3. That was supposed to say “trade off on their TOYS too”. Our computer keyboard makes letters jump around and looses words. x-brd

  4. Mischka says:

    Sch├Âne Videos.
    Achja, es ist doch viel spannender mit 2 Airedales!
    Wie gut Geschenke ausgepackt werden…ich traue mich nicht, Mischka das zu ├╝berlassen. Ich habe ihm das m├╝hevoll abgew├Âhnt. Er war noch vor einem Jahr der gro├če Papier und Kartonzerrei├čer.
    Liebe Gr├╝├če
    Violett und Mischka

  5. Violet says:

    Good opening skills!
    I love the pix of the two of them behind each other. Just lovely.

  6. What’s with the girl not eating her dinners? That would never happen in this house!!
    Sounds like she’s got quite a successful hunting business going there.
    You seem like a good brother to have, very relaxed. We need a brother like that. Someone that can put up with our antics.

  7. Hey Finni,
    Thanx for visiting.we didn’t know you had fixed ur Mom’s puter!grrrrt job. and we really loved those toys your mummy got for you. must remind mummy, we haven’t seen the face of any new toy since ages!
    wags, Buddy

  8. Momo & Pinot says:

    Oh Finni and Nelly, you are so good doggies…. Yap, beeping is not a sign. We have to call you guys when our mom’s computer is in trouble!!

    Momo & Pinot

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