There’s a new little Ragamuffinn in town!

On the 17th of March at 4pm a new little Ragamuffinn girl came into our lives ……………..

Her name is Molly, she is 8 months old, and she has still got all her puppy fur.

Nelly was so excited when Molly first arrived and the girls started to get to know each other straight away. Molly is great to play Terrier tug with!

The girls are also a great help in the garden … looking after the gardening gloves 🙄

and walkies are once more very exciting ….

….. if a little muddy

There’s once more a lot of Biteyface going on …. best game in the world!

We think Finni sent this lovely little girl who loves to snuggle to us to make us all smile again 🙂

Thank you Finni   ….. it worked!



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The saddest day of our lives

It is with the greatest sadness that we have to tell our friends that we have lost our gorgeous boy Finni yesterday.

He had been very ill and it was found he had stomach cancer … I asked the vet not to let him wake again.

I am heartbroken.

Shadlian Tourmaline ….. Ragamuffinn ….. Finni ….. my Heart boy.

18.2.2006 – 1.8.2012



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Hi Janine!

Yes, Mum is still taking good care of us 🙂 and she took us on another holiday! … in a log cabin (with a log burner – Mum’s a bit of a pyromaniac!!!!!)


The log cabin was in Cumbria in the Lake District in the North West of England. This area is famous for it’s ‘Fells’ which are smallish mountains, and lots of people come here to do ‘fell walking’


We walked up and down the fells every day we were there, we followed the Esk trail …


… got lost a few times …


but always found the way back to the cabin again …


There was no shortage of cool refreshing water in the Lake District …


and refreshments for Mum and Dad


and back at the cabin we made friends with the resident Chocolate Lab ‘Floyd’. He was only a pup and Nelly and Floyd played and played …


We had our own little garden


with it’s own little babbling brook.
(Mum says we urgently need one of these in our garden! 🙂 )

We had a great time and the weather was fantastic.


Finni paw

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