A Special Holiday

March 5th was a bit special this year because our Mum was a special number old! So we all went on a special holiday! 🙂

Our home for the week was  a log cabin in Shropshire

It was very comfy and there was everything you needed to live in it and cook for your pups!

On Mum’s special day it even snowed! and we had to wear our jumpers to go for walks.

We went out for lunch – the special Birthday meal for Mum – and the pub man said we could come in too!!! Mum and Dad said the ‘Jack Mytton’ in Hindford is an excellent place to have a special meal with your puppies!

Our log cabin had a huge garden … 5 acres … so there was lots of room to play …

… and to cuddle …

… and enjoy the sun which came out the next day and stayed out until we came home!

We explored The Mere at Ellesmere where we found a special sculpture.

We had a day exploring the area around Pistyll Rhaeadr – a pretty impressive waterfall in Wales …

… and we visited Ironbridge Gorge near Telford where a famous man made a bridge.

They have excellent shops and cafes there too and Mum and Dad SHARED!

Sometimes we didn’t go out but played some more in our garden. Molly was pretty keen on guarding and finding sticks …

… and I checked out the hole I dug the day before.

… and I made her share her stick 😉

It’s ok. She loves me 🙂

On our last day we visited Chirk castle for a lovely Woodland walk.

Before we left for home we had one last walk in our big garden. It really was a special holiday.




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There’s a new little Ragamuffinn in town!

On the 17th of March at 4pm a new little Ragamuffinn girl came into our lives ……………..

Her name is Molly, she is 8 months old, and she has still got all her puppy fur.

Nelly was so excited when Molly first arrived and the girls started to get to know each other straight away. Molly is great to play Terrier tug with!

The girls are also a great help in the garden … looking after the gardening gloves 🙄

and walkies are once more very exciting ….

….. if a little muddy

There’s once more a lot of Biteyface going on …. best game in the world!

We think Finni sent this lovely little girl who loves to snuggle to us to make us all smile again 🙂

Thank you Finni   ….. it worked!



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The saddest day of our lives

It is with the greatest sadness that we have to tell our friends that we have lost our gorgeous boy Finni yesterday.

He had been very ill and it was found he had stomach cancer … I asked the vet not to let him wake again.

I am heartbroken.

Shadlian Tourmaline ….. Ragamuffinn ….. Finni ….. my Heart boy.

18.2.2006 – 1.8.2012



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